Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The mayor responded

Our mayor is back from his vacation, and he responded to my email.

I will not reprint here, but I am not happy with his response. He did try to answer some of my questions, but I am not all that happy with his answers. One of his reasons for not using reverse 911 is he claims the cities reverse 911 system takes four days to contact every one.

-- So question one for you my dear readers. Does your city have reverse 911, and how long after the emergency did you know about it?

He also said he trusted social networking sites and the media (local news programs and news papers) would do a better job of alerting the citizens than sending police cruisers and other emergency vehicles out to announce the water emergency would. He sure does believe in Facebook and Twitter more than I do.

If he does think so highly of the internet, then why was there no mention of the water emergency of the main page for the city? Not on the page for the police, or health department, or city hall. They did have a reminder that people needed to get the dog licensed by Monday. In big red letters. But nothing about the water emergency.

So question two dear readers, what web sites did you check for further information about the boil water order, or for locations where water was being distributed?

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