Wednesday, May 05, 2010

One more post about the water crisis

Maybe this will be the last one. I hope.

Got another email from Mayor Ambrosino, letting me know that the Fire Chief Doherty, not he was responsible for the cities response to the water crisis. Way to pass the buck dude.

He also blamed our antiquated reverse 911 system purchased in 2000 which is run by Verizon and only calls people who have Verizon as their phone carrier. So some one like me, who has Xfinity would not be called. Apparently this service is free, while obtaining a service that calls every person regardless of their service carrier would cost 30,000 a year.

A service that he said the city can't afford.

So I will be contacting the Fire Chief tomorrow and asking him if he could use any assistance from me. Share with him some ideas I have about improving our Emergency Response.

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