Friday, May 07, 2010

From Twitter 05-06-2010

Got up at 7 walked the pup, and now I'm doing laundry, Have to make up for Tuesday and Wednesday laying around like a bump on a log
Super windy out. Way super windy out. I know it's going to rain, just wish it would do so and get it over with
Just got lectured by a person who only speaks spanish, that I should learn some spanish. Hey your in MY country learn English!
Check arrived today, now he puts parasite right on the checks. Bastard I wish I was healthy enough to support myself. or even live alone.
Wow #Red Sox, I think the fans are doing a better job fielding than many of you. Maybe the team should hold open tryouts
Guess I have to talk to a lawyer tomorrow, see if I can get the bullying to stop. Because he is bullying me and he needs to stop

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