Thursday, May 06, 2010

Yuck laundry day

I have an excellent wifi node. I'm on the first floor, on the other side of the building from my apartment. And on line, with three bars of strength. I got here just after 8am and there was no one up and about. So I got brave and used multiple washing machines. An older guy just came down a bit ago and grumbled about my having used three of the four machines. I told him that I figured no one else was up and about at this hour. I started the washing machines in a timed start, so one of them will be free in a few minutes. I am staying right in the laundry room, thanks to my wifi. So once one machine finishes I'll leave it open and just use the big washer. Just in case someone else comes down stairs and wants to use the machines.

Never missed the house so much as I do right now. I hate doing laundry as it is. If I could afford to have some one come to the apartment collect the dirty and return them clean I would. I think my issue with shared laundry facilities stems from my first experience with shared laundry rooms. When I first go married I had to share a laundry, for a while there was a young boy going through the laundry machines and taking out woman's underwear. Between that and people who would take out my laundry and put theirs in has made me weary of shared units.

I need one of those tiny washer dryer units like I saw in Europe and England. They did not do huge loads of laundry, but having them right there meant you could drop in a load before you went to bed, and wake up to clean dry clothing.

Why don't we have those here? GE Westing House, care to comment?

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