Sunday, May 09, 2010

From Twitter 05-08-2010

Had a good night, woke up just about pain free, nose is stuffy, other than that I'm good. Anybody want to hang out today? see a movie?
Waiting for the George Romaro interview on 360 on NPR,
Watching a show on Discovery Health about a 6 year old who is schizophrenic very scarry stuff. Makes me fell better that I only have lupus
Watching Discovery Health, show about people who fly off the handle, enraged. It's like watching my marriage fail, & how he almost killed me
Been playing around with dumpr making sketches of my photos
You go girl #Betty White rules!
I found my colored pencils today, already started drawing again. Out of practice, but getting better. Starting slow more coloring
#Betty White, the best thing that ever happened to #Saturday Night Live. I'm glad I'm recording this, because it's the best episode EVER!

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