Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From Twitter 05-17-2010

I"m up, woke up stiff, hate when that happens. Waiting for the medications to kick in before I do anything strenuous
Listening to BBC talk about Thiland protesters. I wonder if they are wearing TOS red shirts or NG red shirts. My world is Star Trek
My right arm is swelling up. surgery scar hurting. Hope I can knock this down before it gets much worse.
Starting to hit a high pain level. Time to jump on the pain meds and cut this off at the pass. Say good bye brain
Still in pain, joints are so stiff I feel like the Tin Man in need of an oil can. Nothing is knocking down the pain today. Not fair body NOT
Out of money out of snacks and out of ice cream. I hate being poor just hateit
Nice cliff hanger on #Chuck. Heard today it is being renewed so I have something to look forward to

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