Wednesday, May 19, 2010

From Twitter 05-18-2010

My rent check and storage check have cleared. Along with the batteries I bought I now have .50 cents in the bank until disability check
Not sure if I blame Wheeler for hoaxing Harvard, or laughing at Harvard for being hoaxed so easily. Just makes the colleges look stupid
Wow the Red Sox are stinking up the place tonight. I think I will not be turning back to NESN after LOST after all
Watching LOST, no spoilers I promise, can't believe it's so close to the END.
Wow, only one more episode of LOST to go.
As I watch the Red Sox game, I wonder why when the Yankees built this new stadium they did not put a cover on it?
Leno is doing an episode of Cop n Kitty. As usual, a skit that is hard to top. Funny Funny stuff.

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