Thursday, May 27, 2010

From Twitter 05-26-2010

I'm awake, and have almost no pain. Amazing must have picked up a lot of karma points yesterday. Gonna be another scorcher
Suddenly I'm closing my eyes and dipping my head forward. Byron is concerned. Maybe gonna lay down for a bit. Not over 90 minutes
Went down stairs and waited for the mail. Community room & first floor have ac. Gotta get a small one for up here. Or fix the wifi
Took out Byron, he thinks it is to hot to walk any where. We are all back to laying down and not moving. got a tiny breeze off the H2O
Here come the thunder storms. Just saw the first big flash. Good thing we are high and dry from now on. Let it rain let it rain.
Just heard the first crack of thunder got a dog and a cat trying to hide in the corner. Just ordered a BP cares t-shirt from @BPGlobalPR

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