Monday, May 24, 2010

I get uncomfortable in my own neighborhood

Just took Byron for a walk. The fog at the beach is so think that you can't see the water from the sidewalk. Visibility is at about fourteen feet. There were people running around on the beach, eating ice cream, or fried dough. Yes the fried dough place is open for the season. Beach life rocks.

Assembled three of the large book shelves. Made a mistake on the last one. I decided to nail the backing board in before I had put all the fastnesers in. When I flipped the case over I realized one of the pins was on top of the shelf, not in it. It was to late to pull out nine nails and start over. Instead of books, I will put on of the Barbie house sets on that shelf.

I have one more book case to assemble, and I have to move one of the 15 inch wide book cases into the nook next to the window. First I have to fix the curtain rod. When I put it up I put it up crooked very crooked. Being crooked does not bother me, but the lower rod is blocking the book shelf. So I will do what I can to fix it.

Can't believe LOST is ending tonight! Glad the Red Sox game has ended, and that they won. I would have to switch back and forth between the game and LOST other wise.

Had another annoying event during my walk with Byron. A woman came toward me speaking Spanish, I don't speak a word of Spanish, and had no idea what she was saying. Someone else came out of the laundromat and told me she was saying my dog was pretty.

My response, was to say that I don't speak Spanish, and had she asked I would bring the dog over for her to pet.

The two conversed for a bit, and she turned to me, pointed at her chest and said "Spanish no English"

I said "Oh wow!" turned and walk away with Byron.

I wonder how she gets by, does she need a translator where ever she goes. It must be a lonely life when you live some place and don't speak the language.

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