Monday, May 24, 2010

From Twitter 05-23-2010

Had the most amazing complex dream, have to figure out meanings. House is quiet, going to finish morning coffee & do something.
I should head out for the memorial, but I am so happy to have book cases up that I might just go to storage and get my books
Going to take a bit of a rest. before I build the last book case & go get my books. Ya I have book cases.
Okay guys I get that you did not enjoy the cab ride to the stadium. Pleas just talk about the Red Sox game
Blasting off to #LOST, the very very end.
Darn it #LOST I'm already crying, and were just doing Final Transmissions.
Target, you really got me there. I did a serious spit take.
LOST ends tonight, and Chuck season ends tommorow. Not sure I can deal with loosing both shoes within 24 hours
I am just loving these special Target adds during #LOST. I hate to see LOST go, gonna miss this show.
LOSOT is making me cry again. Not fair lost, I can't stop crying

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