Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ranting about my neighborhood

This post is going to make a lot of people mad, so if your a fan of multiculturalism, or think I should go out of my way to 'respect' other peoples beliefs, stop reading now.

I took Byron for a walk this evening, just as the sun was starting to set. The weather was nice, I just had to wear a long sleeve shirt. It was warm enough for ice cream, and the breeze off the water was nice.

So why did I not stay down at the beach all that long?

Because of the company. My neighborhood has a large contingent of Muslims, and they don't like sharing the area with us. When I am walking down the street with Byron if I see a group walking toward me I know I will end up taking Byron into the middle of the street. I don't like to do that, I think we should just share the sidewalk, but I also don't like getting hissed at. Or scolded in a language I don't speak.

So anyway, there is a small park with benches across from the beach and band stand. Woman wearing head scarfs and heavy dress sit in small groups on the benches. As I walk along the sidewalk, the men start yelling at us, trying to make us walk elsewhere. The sidewalk is public property Byron and I can walk there as long as we want!

How much will people hate me if I suggest that moving to Massachusetts you should have at least a minor grasp of the English language. A few days ago, when I rescued my neighbors pet bird, we could not communicate that fact. I had to turn the bird around and show the woman his tail before she understood that I had rescued her pet.

I refuse to pander to your need to control the people around you. Respect the customs of the area you moved to, and learn some of the language. Or move back!

Part of me is upset with myself as well. I avoided a confrontation yes, but at the cost of my rights.

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