Thursday, May 20, 2010

My ever so busy day

I felt pretty good today, took one of my few nuvigals so even if I was in pain I had the energy boost in hand to deal with it. This is the week I have extra cash, so it was time to head to Ikea and purchase more book shelves. Yes I want more of my books here with me.

Went and grabbed K, my favorite Ethel to my Lucy and off we went. We did not spend as much time there today as we did the first time we visited, I knew just what I wanted and where it was. We did look around on the third floor for a little bit before going to the self serve aisle. I know I am saving money by driving down there once a month and bringing the book shelves back myself, but dang, it tires me out.

When we got back I came upstairs to get the dolly. Sadly, I have been having problems with the tires deflating and they were both flat as a pancake. AGAIN! K had the great idea of going to a tire place and asking the employees, who we reasoned had a bit more experience in tires than we did what might be wrong. The first place was no help at all, but the second place worked. We stopped at Goodyear Tire and Auto in Malden and as we walked up to the door an older gentleman open the door and asked if we needed any help. Already felt better than the first place. We asked about getting help with figuring out why the tires keep deflating. He explained that since the tires did not have valve caps at the end, any movement of the tires was causing them to deflate. I had not realized valve caps were that important to the tire. Shame on Home Depot for selling inflatable tires with out valve caps. The person who I think was one of the mangers took the dolly into the garage, inflated the tires and put on valve caps for us. Get this, AT NO CHARGE to us. I have no idea how much valve caps cost, but I doubt they are free. So we happy danced/drove back to her house. Tomorrow we will get the book cases out of the car and build them up here.

Then I get to bring back MORE BOOKS!!!!!!!

So, figured Byron deserved a long walk when I got back home, and we headed down to the beach. Bumped into one of my neighbors while I was there and we walked back to the building together. Not just one of my neighbors, my next door neighbor. Who keeps forgetting I live next door. She remembers that I live on her floor, just not that I share a wall with her.

As we walked up a heard a very familiar bird call. There was a cockatiel across the street chirping. Just sitting there! I realized he came from a house down the street, and taking off my light wrap I asked my neighbor to hold Byron for a bit so I could go rescue the bird. I put Byron in a down stay, and he plopped right next to her until I returned. GOOD dog that Byron, good dog.

It took me maybe two minutes to calm the bird down enough to grab it. I tossed my wrap over it's head to calm it down. Birds are funny that way, if they can't see anything, they stop worrying. I took Byron back and the two of us walked to the house where I thought the birds lived. I saw an open bird cage on the second floor porch and knew I had the correct house. I rang the bell and called up asking if they had lost a cockatiel. It took a few minutes for someone to come down, and since they did not speak much English a few minutes more to get her to understand I had one of her missing birds in my hands. She was very grateful, and told me that the other two birds were missing also. I promised to keep an eye out for them, I don't think they went very far, they birds were all clipped so they flew a bit like rocks with wings. Up in the air in a five foot high, and all of maybe 8 feet of distance.

Byron got his walk in, I got a good deed done, and other than a tiny bit of bird poop on my wrap, every thing came out okay. I rinsed the wrap out in the sink, it came out okay also. It was so sweet to hold a cockatiel again, even for just a second.

Now I'm a bit beat up. Just turned on the baseball game. Blasphemy I know, should have turned on the game before I ate dinner.My

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