Saturday, June 05, 2010

From Twitter 06-04-2010

It's a beautiful morning, already got a call from Figment. Meds taken need to start moving stuff into & out of storage. Good times
Morning meds are slicing my brain. Going to take a very quick nap Hope to wake up with energy
ARG took a muscle relaxer induced nap at noon, some how lost all my spoons in my sleep. Lupus some times you make no sense at all.
I'm all out of soda, I should head to the grocery store at least. Get some food, get out of the house. Before the storms start at least.
Hum the #Red Sox have the bases load with no outs in the 1st inning. Wonder how they will mess this up?
Aww poor Remdog, he wants to leave before the game ends because he is bored. Why is he still in the booth #Red Sox should fire him NOW!

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