Monday, June 07, 2010

From Twitter 06-06-2010

I'm in bump on a log mode. Can't move boxes in rain, can't get wifi to work. just gonna sit and read a book for a while. I should clean NA
I'm grumpy today. Very grumpy. I want people to give me back the stuff they borrowed from me. Hell, I demand IT!!!
Going to close my eyes for a bit before the base ball games starts.
One of my neighbors is down on the patio blaring his Elvis CD's again. I can hear them on the third floor, almost drowning out the ballgame!
Tornado alert in Boston area can't resist Got my ruby slippers but Byron is not so sure he wants to take a long ride
Very loud thunderclap, my ears are still ringing. Not a fun feeling, hope it goes away soon
Still hearing a boom in my ears when I swallow, for the most part the ringing has stopped. That was one big clap of thunder I tell you what

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