Tuesday, June 08, 2010

From Twitter 06-07-2010

Spent the morning in writers brain. Hope what I wrote is decent. Then the fire alarm went off so Byron got a second walk.
Just got a note from Paypal, my BP cares shirt is on it's way. I guess @BPterry fixed the t-shirt machine. Wish BP fixed the link as fast
Back from running errands. Older laptop is trashed, sadly. down to one computer. I feel lost. Brought 6 boxes back from storage. ya me
Just was thinking when the guy behind @bpterry and @BPGLobalPR steps forward & takes credit, he is gonna be a major net star.
RT @BPGlobalPR: Money can't buy happiness. But Tony Hayward did buy a giant yacht he calls 'Happiness'. It has a frickin' helicopter pa ...
I am pleased to announce that Purrball's favorite toy lambykinns has turned up. He has been dragged about the house pictures to follow
Watching the Family Guy Star Wars episode 2 on toon network. Animation is pretty good.Couple of nice throwaway gags.

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