Monday, June 28, 2010

From Twitter 06-27-2010

I think I am hearing music coming out of my radio. That's unplugged! My TV that is shut off! Or is it my WII just playing with me?
Yes wifi works from the patio! Just hanging with a few friends gotta walk Byron in a bit, he is just hanging out with me, & his buddy coco
Just flipped on Harry Potter & the Half blood prince. Never watched it before, I'm not a big HP fan. Almost ready to shut it off
THIS IS BEYOND FUNNY! World Cup come to Middle Earth!!
Wow #Red Sox, Jon Lester that was a pretty nice hit, a bit further and a bit higher it could have been a home run
With all the injuries the #Red Sox are having this year, I wonder if Mikey & Tek are sitting in the dougout with bobble heads & some pins
Going to have to skip Salem tonight. In a lot of pain, nerve endings freaking. Bruises breaking out all over. I have spoons, but not enough
Nerve pain is getting to me. Time to pull out the big guns and shut down for a while. Stupid #lupus hate you so much
Watching some Sunday night toons. Gonna catch True Blood and then crash for the night. I'm just so beyond feeling out of it today.

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