Monday, June 28, 2010

Me in the morning

Went to bed before 11 last night.  Slept until 7:30 am.  Animals are feed, medications are taken. Time to make COFFEE!!

Thinking about something this morning, many doctors say that the pain from fibro occurs because people with fibro don't get restorative sleep. Now most nights I sleep very very well, and I wake up feeling good, not jump out of the bed singing and dancing. But I'm up.  I don't start to feel pain until my feet touch the floor.  At that point my feet start to tingle, like my nerves were "sleeping" through the night. I get up and shower, unless I showered before I went to bed.  As I bend and twist in the shower my hips start to hurt, leaning forward to wash my long hair, turning to the side of the shower to get soap.

The water dancing on my body starts to hurt, it's like little pokes. I take the time to check myself where I can looking for new bruises or moles. I stay in the shower as long as I can. Carefully stepping out of the shower I dry off, blotting instead of rubbing, as rubbing my skin hurts. Flipping open my day minder I make notes of any new bruises, and what I consider my am pain level to be.

I take my morning medications and sit back to listen to NPR.  Lets see what the day brings. It is suppose to be nasty today, lots of rain and thunder storms this afternoon.  Trying to decide if I want to turn on the a/c now or enjoy the breeze for a bit longer.

Time to make that coffee, I'm still not all that awake.

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