Monday, June 28, 2010

Things my dog can pee on

I know I have said for years that Byron is the most chill, zenned out dog on the planet.  Well on today's walk I discovered there are a few things even Byron will not tolerate.

First those annoying soccer fans.  Are there any other kind I wonder.  I guess today was a good day for a country with a green flag as young men were running up and down the beach walk with the flag.  Some wearing it like a cape, some holding it like a deranged flag bearer during the Olympic opening ceremony. It was not just that they were running about with flags, they wanted every one to see the flag. To sear it into  our eyeballs, stuff it in our faces.  Honestly, I have never watched a bull fight, but I would imagine some of these fellows in the ring.

I am  overly fond of the American Flag and all, but I don't see myself twisting it up like a towel and snapping it at people  I don't know it's a bit disrespectful to me. 

Next on his list are those little plastic horns.  You know the ones.  The entire news gathering community is acting as if they were just invented last month. Instead of being sold at every Knights of Columbus / church carnival / and foot ball game I have ever attended.  They are not new,  just more annoying in large groups. 

Put the two, or is that three items together and even the ever so patient, kind and gently Byron finds his buttons being pressed.  And, while he is much smaller than either the annoying person, or the flag, that silly horn is just the right size for biting.  Especially when it's blown near his face!  It goes without saying, but I am saying it anyway - so this entire sentence is just adding to my word count.  That I am extremely protective of Byron, to the point of being occasionally blind to reason and common sense.

I admit that freely, happily and proudly. 

So when the first horn blower startled him, we turned and walked the other way. When the person flinging a flag above his head like it was a helicopter blade ready to lift him in the air we gave him plenty of room.  When the idiot decided to follow us blowing his plastic horn, I did have to intervene and ask him to stop as he was alarming the dog and annoying the hell out of me.   So he did stop blowing his horn, for the few seconds it took him to run in front of us drop to his knees and blow his horn in Bryon's face. 

Byron reacted in a most surprising and at the same time expected way, he took the horn. Bopped up grab the edge of the rim and yanked it out of the kids mouth.    The other kids (young adults - future Darwin award winners (hope hope hope)) laughed at him, a few people applauded Bryon's actions.

That horn may never be used again.  For to truly bring home the point that the noise was annoying, Byron peed on it. 

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