Thursday, June 03, 2010

Used book store Wednesday

Yesterday was fun. I went to visit someone I know only from blogging, even though we live less than 25 miles apart. Our meeting point was less than six miles from one of my favorite used book stores. Hand it back Book Smyth in Middleton MA. Sadly they don't appear to have a web site, or a listing in Biblio Sad that because they have a nice little shop. Pretty heavy on the fiction, science fiction and fantasy get their own massive row of shelves. Romance and Horror get another with classic literature against the wall. They have a a small, but amazing biography and autobiography section. So if your traveling up 114 any time soon, look for them.

Got a bag full of books, so I am going to be reading for the rest of the month.

Fast Food Nation - by Eric Schlosser
Mythology - by Edith Hamilton
Irish Lore & Legends SMW Dunnit editor
Irish Magic - collection of stories of romance and enchantment
Houston, Houston do you read - by James Tiptree, Jr
Reefer Madness - another by Eric Schlosser
Normal Rockwell - by Laura Claridge
All I know about Animal Behavior I learned in Loehmann's Dressing room - by the amazing and taken to soon Erma Bombeck
Eternally Bad Goddesses with Attitude - by Trina Robbins (I already have this in paper back, but grabbed a hard cover edition for $2.50)
The Wisdom of Big Bird by Caroll Spinney
Who am I? by Pamela Allardice (a collection of all the different birthstones colors, Zodiac Signs and the rest)
Palmistry by Roz Levine
Old Wives' Tales by Thomas Craughwell
Frank Capra by Joseph McBride

and because I am ten

Madeline and the Bad Hat and Madeline in America by Ludwig Bemelmans

Returned Hollywood Cartoons to the library, I have placed the book on my amazon wish list, and on my palm list of books I would like to own. So if you happen to have a copy your not planning on keeping???

Feeling a bit under the weather today. Joints are not so bad, but the atmospheric pressure has got me feeling like I have poison ivy or something. Building book cases and organizing books will have to wait for another day.

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