Thursday, July 29, 2010

From Twitter 07-28-2010

Hips and knees are a bit stiff today. Hoping the meds and heat relax the joints. Stupid body I need you to behave today.
Just got a knock on the door. Someone let their dog poo in the elevatorx since Byron is the biggest dog they know he is getting blamed wrong
Have a headache slowly sneaking up on me. Think I'm gonna skip date night and go to bed early.
Heard a rumor that the former roommate had his dog taken by police for neglect Trying to confirm or deny report Just missed mspca officer
Watching Animal Hoarders on Animal Planet Makes my group of 12 look like an empty nest.
Betty White has all the best lines in Hot in Cleveland.

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  1. I hate hearing that, dogs being neglected. Sorry your feeling badly. sometimes it's just easier to lay down and take in the night and it's quiet. Feel better.


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