Saturday, July 31, 2010

From Twitter 07-30-2010

Wow that was a good nights sleep Went to bed at 11pm woke up at 11am. Super rested & tylenol took care of the morning joint pain.good 2 go
Because it's time we get a seat at the table Help NPR beat FOX News. Well it is a chair in a room but you get my drift
Took Byron for a long walk He meet lots of new friends Figured it would be easy because it is cool out But I need a shower again silly lupus
The semi 'real' Leroy Stick has his own twitter feed Where he can talk about more than just BP click the link 2 follow
Picked up an #AT&T wireless modem so I could connect when I was out & about Went 3 diff places today only 1bar so no internet for me

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  1. Glad you are feeling better!! I can't imagine sleeping 12 hours. I haven't slept as much as 5 straight in 40 years. Severe insomnia. Question: When you twit? tweet? don't know what to call... does it cost to upload to your blog? I'm so damn defiant when it comes to technology changing every time I breath. It was all I could do to go on facebook with an account. Oy. Hugs and have a good day. Tazzy

  2. I just woke up, and took Byron for his morning walk. Then took my am medications.

    Once I have brain, I will send you a note on how to set up the connections.

    I use to have major insomnia myself. Then I discovered Valerian root (450) & Melatonin (10mg)and now I have no problem going to sleep. Once I settle down in bed, pet the dog for a little bit my eyes just close on their own.


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