Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oak Square block party 2010

Went to the Oak Square Block party. Cool pictures over at my face book page. Oak Square Block Party 

Really tired, had a great time,   Played hop scotch with two little girls, stubbed my toe -- future note --  never hop scotch in sandals.

Before the party started I made a quick run to the mall to replace my spice grinder.  It was fun, I am tired, had a great time hanging out in the old neighborhood.   The best part, unlike last year, T did not follow me around singing love songs.  Na this time he just kept telling me he loved me.     MEN!!!

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  1. When I was a child living in dorchester, I recall these old time block parties. trying to convey the excitement to someone who has never seen such a thing is a hard thing to do. I recall fondly the atmosphere of these block parties. Very laid back, good bbq & good friends. Thanks for the memory! Tazzy


Thanks for the comment, come back any time. Bring friends.

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