Saturday, July 17, 2010

Revere beach fire works

We had to wait a bit so that another town further up the North Shore could let off their fire works.  I think from the angle it must have been Salem, not sure. Great thing was, we got two sets of fire works for the price of one.  Ours started at 9:25 and went off without a hitch.  After maybe a ten minute pause they lit off a few more. Not sure if they neglected to light those off on the barge, or they just held a few back.  I was packing up when the unexpected grouping went up.

It was fun watching them move the barge around the harbor trying to get the best angle for setting off the explosives. I was using video mode to record some of the fire works when some idiot decided to not only roll her stroller over my bamboo mat but take her kid out and plop him down.  Maybe I should have stayed home and watched the fire works.  People were pretty tightly packed on the beach, if you arrive late, you don't get to force you way down front.

Despite my best efforts at ballot box stuffing Reveres'  own Matt Martelli did not win people's choice. Oh well, I would not be a Revereite if I did not at least try.  I discovered by mistake (kinda) that when I walked by the voting both in a different shirt they asked me if I had voted.  I said NO and voted again.  Took off my shirt to go for a quick swim, walk by again in just by bathing suit and was asked if I had voted again!  By the same person!  In the space of an hour.  So being a fan of the election process, well I just HAD to vote again.  Trying to make up for all those years when woman did not have the right to vote, or something...

That's my story, and I'm sticking with it.  Unless someone has a better idea.

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