Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A few days ago I saw a writers block question that interested me. It asked if anyone had ever told a white lie, and what that lie was.  I saw it, thought about answering it and then did nothing with it.

So here is my little white lie.  A few years back, in 2007 I was diagnosis with cervical cancer. It was only stage 1 so at the suggestion of the doctor I had what is called a LOOP For a while I told people that my second test came back clean, and that i was clean of cancer.  I lied, it was not until my hysterectomy that they got all the cancer.  

I'm sorry I have no brain today, I am having the worst month ever. Still have a hold on my bank account, which means that even though the IRS has the ability to take the money they want, they still have not released my bank account. 

Yes according to the IRS I made a profit last year. When I gave the bank the keys to my house it had an assessed value of 78,000.  The balance on my mortgage was 145,000 this a difference of 65,000. This difference, according to the IRS is profit.   So not only did they get a court order on my bank account, even before they take me to court. But, the order freezes every thing!  So until I manage to convince them that I did not make a profit on the loss of my house I will have zero access to my funds.  


So no rent payment - The August payment is already frozen. No cable no phone no nothing.  Nothing, like no food for me or the animals.  Heck I needed to borrow money from someone   just to put gas in my car.  You know I'm getting a bit tired of never getting ahead, never getting a break

I'm watching Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, find myself wondering if in this universe we still have Al Quida?  

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