Tuesday, August 24, 2010

From Twitter 08-23-2010

Chewed my fingernails in my sleep how odd Not a bad day pain wise about a 4 Got phone calls to make & a pup to walk I shall be back in a bit
Ghods I'm in a grumpy mood today must be the weather NOT the paying bills dealing with IRS & listening to 20 yr old cry babies on NPR
Paid all the bills due this month, unless something goes wrong I'm in the black for second month running! A penny saved is a penny saved
Gonna take a quick nap I just feel sleepy for some reason. Just do
Feeling rested making some noodles for lunch Counting quarters to see if laundry is in my future
Ernie Bock Jr owns a ladies professional Foot ball team http://bit.ly/daer91 Darn the season is over wish I had heard of this in April
Time for bed, doctor's appointment tomorrow at 11. We are going to have a long long talk about my medications. A long long talk

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