Friday, August 27, 2010

From Twitter 08-26-2010

It is so much easier to balance ones checkbook when you actually have money in the bank. Just have to remember not all checks have cleared
Feeling sleepy, stupid meds even coffee did not help gonna rest for a bit will check in on T in an hour or so
Just sat on my bedand read for a while That way the dog and cat are able to cuddle with me I need to get a couch so we can sit together
No baseball game tonight Just watching Animal cops on Animal Planet Watching this show makes me want to give my two treats & love.
Sigh watching a show about crocodiles They are so cute when they are babies! when they get to be 4 ft long & chase Byron is not so cute
Feel kind of disappointed with #MIT this year Putting a cardboard box on top of a building is kinda a lame hack more Harvard than the Tute
Time for bed still undecided about what to do tomorrow. Maybe Hynes maybe just messing about

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