Friday, September 10, 2010

From Twitter 09-09-2010

Hey #Boston today only 9.99 twin lobster at all Mount Vernon restaurants They open in an hour. I'll see you there
Hey #onpointradio I graduated with zero debt went to a state college lived at home & got in a field with job prospects.
Computer is slow this morning. I really got to dump stuff of the drive.
Just found out that #Target the store and #Target the web site are two different companies Avoid the web site at all costs iffy on the store
Hey #channel7 I get it Brady got in an accident this morning Did world hunger & war take a day off? Real news only please
Just got a good laugh Cold call from a company offering a seminar on how to earn wealth in this economy Had trouble responding through laugh
It took five hours but I have a complete and total back up of my hard drive.
Back up done Now to get new drivers for the old external drive Once I figured out I could use the new ones plug to run the old on that is
Seconds before the kick off the fire alarm goes off Refuse to let Byron drag me down stairs Fire or no Fire I'm watching football
My busy day

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