Thursday, September 09, 2010

From Twitter 09-08-2010

I did not sleep well last night. Kept waking up needed to move the sheet and comforter around. Just laying back staring…
I know it's only been just over an hour since I got out of bed, but I think I need a refresher course in sleeeping
Took Byron for a quick walk. He was not all that interested in doing more than pooping and heading home.
The weekly dig piles it on
Thanks for finding my missing medication #CVS I kinda miss that funny wap wop wap sound when I'm on hold the silence makes me feel lonely
By paragraph - Kelly's Diner, talks less about the food and more about the picture of Guy Fieri on the wall. Ball…
Need a very short (I hope nap) just took my mid day meds and I need to crash for a bit & let it do it's magic.
Darn it I was looking for a photo spread I saw on Monday showing woman riding bikes in NY none of them wore safety gear Now I can't find any
According to my new thermometer the temperature outside has dropped 4 degrees in less than 30 minutes I should have got a weather station

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