Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The weekly dig piles it on

The Weekly Dig Boston is a small free newspaper that aims itself at college students. It's

Here's an idea David. How about having some of the people who live here write about the city? Do a -this is what you should know about Boston, written by a few locals. Better yet, townies do the research and locals write the reviews.

I tried to read the reviews myself and had to stop mid way through.
Charlestown because otherwise I was going to boot party my computer. Please warn your budding journalist that very few (if any) newspapers allow use of any version of the F word. Then maybe a word or two on research.

What was with this odd twist of words whale size booths I am just going to skip over the rest of the bomb review.

I'm just offended by what was said about Ball Square

If you want to give the college students information they really need to know. Might I suggest an article on the many people killed and injured in bicycle accidents!

I'll write it myself.

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