Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It's Byron's world I just stumble through it.

I did not sleep well last night. Kept waking up needed to move the sheet and comforter around. Just laying back staring at the ceiling. Byron decided at 10am that he had waited as long as he could, and he demanded I get up NOW! I usually sleep nude, ya get that picture out of your heads. Even though I only wrote the words the image is still in your heads. Bawwwja

First thing I needed was clean underwear, so in the semi dark I grabbed the first underwear shaped item. I tried to put them on, and could only find two asymmetrical holes. I am sure there was a third hole, and I just could not find it. I pulled them on and realized where the third hole had hidden. Byron was getting more and more aggravated. I yanked them down and grabbed a pair of pants. Yes just for my dog I was willing to do the underwear less walk of shame out of my own apartment.

Now through all this, it was raining. Not a lot, but enough that some one walking outside would get very wet.

I grabbed a T-shirt on old one that some how had gotten smaller since I last remember wearing it. Shrugged it on and grabbed my keys and a doggie bag. When I opened the apartment door Byron bolted toward the elevator. I caught up with him, and clicked on his leash. Pushed the elevator button and watched Byron bounce up and down, like a small recently potty trained child who has figured out the process but still has not mastered the lead time between want to pee and have to pee!

We got out of the elevator and rushed to the front door.

Where we stopped dead...

It was raining, as I had told Byron more than once while we were upstairs. It was not until the reality of getting wet set in that Byron rethought the peeing concept. He went from NEED to pee right now to, ah I can hold it for a while. Do what you were going to do.

Brought him back upstairs, and finally got a chance to master the art of underwear, grabbed my morning slim-fast! coffee shake - don't judge me, pulling back a soda tab is about the only thing I can master some days.

Got my morning medications down, and flipped on the radio so I could listen to NPR. Not to some how find the spoons to do something other than sit in a chair and listen to the radio. Maybe that in and of itself will be today's goal.


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