Wednesday, September 08, 2010

From Twitter 09-07-2010

Hey #onpointradio can we just acknowledge that there are some bad actors in every religion?
While I am at it. #Onpointradio just because I oppose the mosque and worry about the free pass Islam is getting does NOT mean I am stupid
I wrote a fan letter
Speaking of Hoarders, did I mention I went to my storage unit and got a few more boxes of books. I'm not a hoarder I'm a collector, ya
Got Byron a big big beef tendon to chew It is bigger than he is he looks so silly trying to carry it around the house Pics soon promise
Why won't the #RedSox pull DiceK! The guy ran out of gas in the first inning. What a disappointment this guy has been We should trade him
I could not deal with watching the #RedSox screw up another game so I switched to Warehouse 13 a little early
Loving the Mad Men vibe on #Warehouse 13 Keeping my fingers Xed that we don't end on a cliff hanger & the show lasts for a long long time
I hope all the announcing going on at #ComedyCentral means that there will be a #Colbert Rally for truthiness I'll host a boston event

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