Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A holiday on Monday really messes up the rest of the week

Monday is a busy day, the day when everyone hits the ground running. Because of that, Monday has no idea what to do with itself when there is a Monday holiday. Monday runs to the end of it's chain and barks like a dog who sees a bone just a day away. Monday tries to get the rest of the days of the week to trade places. Monday is the OCD day of the week. With nothing to do, it panics.

Tuesday has to spend quite a bit of energy just helping Monday keep it together. Just to make sure that Monday does not take all that excess energy and injure it self. Which means that when Tuesday dawns, Tuesday is already to exhausted to do anything.

So Tuesday asks Wednesday to come up early so it can rest. But Wednesday use to being hump day, can't handle being the start of the work week. Then Wednesday looks at a calender and realizes that there are fewer Wednesday holidays than any other day of the week. That's when it realizes that Sunday is like a permanent holiday and Wednesday starts to sulk. Waving the calendar over head Wednesday goes to bug Thursday.

Thursday lifts it's head out of the covers, looks to see if it is the fourth Thursday of November yet. Because that is the only Thursday anyone ever pays attention to. If not, back under the covers Thursday goes. Right after calling Friday and telling Friday to pull it's fair weight for once.

Friday jumps up willing to start the party early, only to realize every one is so exhausted from the messed up week that no one sees a reason to celebrate. This confuses the heck out of Friday, and Friday not wanting to party alone stops short to look for Saturday.

Which is why Friday feels like two days instead of one, because both Thursday and Saturday need to get up and keep Friday in line. Which messes Saturday up because it has to find a way to cram in an entire weekends work.

Saturday looks to Sunday to help keep the weekdays in line. But Sunday oh Sunday is so busy to help.

Sunday is resting...

Until the sun goes down and it has to wake up Monday.

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