Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The longer I look the more I worry

About the people behind the Park 51 AKA Cordoba project.

This guy is the developer behind the project and Sharif El-Gamal evicted from SoHo office he owes 39,000 in rent.

This story just makes me jealous because I should have tried this at my house Raufs non existent mosque

This just makes me sad for the people who live here Raufs is a slum lord

And in other news....

Professor of philosophy John Mark Reynolds has a wonderful post on the on faith blog in the Washington Post today. Shouting peace peace where there is none Where he discusses the many problems in the Middle East that prevents peace from occurring.

This kinda makes me laugh, angry mob burns down school and it's qurans . Oh the irony.

I would like to suggest what we really learned from the quran burning that wasnt Is that even the suggestion that someone in another country might burn their book. A few innocent people will die.

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