Tuesday, November 02, 2010

From Twitter 11-01-2010

ARG trying to master this new web page creator & doing a lousy job! Any one want to help me design my web site www.fibrowitch.net
Back from Ikea got what I need to build the free standing closet unit. Ya me Gonna vote in the am and then build it
I loved #Chuck but I already hate #TheWomanOfSNL Just don't get the Real Housewives references I just am not trashy enough
Just saw the new commercial for #Due_Date They are using a #Manilow song Looks like we made it on the trailer! Now I so have to see this!
Quick reminder to vote tomorrow. Remember IF YOU DON'T CHOOSE WE ALL LOOSE! If your not a registered voter now GET OFF YOUR ASS and do it!
Writer's Block: You can't take that away from me! RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED

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