Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From Twitter 02-21-2011 - One of those days

Took Byron for his morning walk As we were walking I slipped on some ice hidden under the snow He decided we needed to come RIGHT back home
There is ice under that there snow http://j.mp/dHQqxW
Writer's Block: Following the leader http://j.mp/fMwlUK
Dad is back in the hospital http://j.mp/fYz6Pv
I am so tired Finally home took Byron for another walk We went 10 blocks in this horrid cold He peed a little bit but never pooed
So tired right now I decided to have dry cereal for dinner It's quick easy and does not dirty any dishes Works for me it's been a hard day
I am so tired that I don't even want to watch Chuck or Murphy Laws. Just going to take my meds and go to bed Hope tomorrow is a better day

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Woke up this morning to discover Byron had thrown up during the night. I discovered it the hard way, by stepping in it. Took him for his morning walk and I really should have dressed better. Talked to Mom, Dad is in critical care, she is not sure if she will be able to go in and visit him today. So I told her that I would sit tight and wait for her to call me.

Tried to get on line, but my wireless is not sending out a signal. It says it is sending out a signal, all the right lights are blinking away. But, there is no signal coming to either laptop. I have a cable going from the back of the wireless in case I need to switch to a hard wire. I plugged it in, and bang, back on line. So the signal is going from the Comcast box to the Netgear box. It's not going out the antenna just sitting in the Netgear box.

My computer has also decided to be funny today, instead of the normal wired icon the little box with the cable, my computer has decided to show that little box with a little red X. You know the one that means there is no signal. It's like today is backwards day on my laptop.

Had to call the Weston hotel. Weston was suppose to only take 434.22 as my room charge. Instead I have three charges, one for 413.10 one for 100.00 and one for 25.68 - a total charge of 538.78! According to the hotel the two smaller charges are the 'holds' the hotel puts on my account, and it will drop off in a day or two. Until it does fall off, I have 125.68 held hostage. Which means I don't have much of a cushion in case anything happens. Man I scrimped and saved all month so I could afford Boskone. With every thing going on with Dad I don't have the time to watch my bank account to wait for those holds to come off. Which does not explain the 21.12 difference between the final bill of 434.22 and the 413.10 that they have on hold now.

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