Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From Twitter 02-22-2011 - Dad is getting better

My laptop has decided the icon for wireless signal should be the red x that says I'm not connected to a network dumb computer cut it out
Back home Byron is okay he ate a little bit & had been drinking water all day. Dad is feeling better still in the hospital wants 2 go home
Dad is getting better

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They gave him two blood transfusions, he has his color back and his sense of humor. Mom called her sister to tell him how he was doing and she kept telling my Mom to prepare for widowhood. I need to call my cousin and see if he can get his Mother to calm down a little bit. Mom even mentioned that her sister and mother are both more likely to always expect the worse. Just talked to my sister, she is going to call our aunt and tell her to back off a bit. She has a better relationship with her than I do. Me I would call her and just fling a series of bad words her way.

I let her know how dad was doing, Mom gets easily confused about medical stuff.

I'm back, decided to watch my DVR of Harry's Law Harry's Law" I'm really enjoying this show. I love Kathy Bates in anything she does and this show has an amazing amount of depth.

The characters are well written and each episode introduces new parts of the neighborhood. Yesterday's episode had two great stories.

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