Friday, February 25, 2011

This is what a service dog does for me

I did not sleep very well last night. I twisted and turned, until I got caught in the sheets. I woke up needing to pee, then could not get back to sleep. All and all a bad nights sleep. This morning I shut off the alarm groaned and tried to go back to sleep. I felt like a million sharp little teeth were slowly chewing their way through my body. At 9am Byron started barking. He pulled the covers off of me, and yanked a pillow out from under my head. I got up and took all my morning medications. Gave him and the cat some food, and went back to bed. Byron let me go, happy that I had taken my medications. He and the cat jumped on the bed, taking positions on either side of me, Byron sitting Spinx like with his head on my leg. Purrball curled up by the small of my back. I fell asleep that way with my two little ones taking care of me.

Got woken up twice, once by Tom calling and asking if I was going to come over. Then again by my Mother, who was waiting for my brother Joe to get up and take her to see Dad. I told Tom to call me back in a bit, and told Mom that if he had not woken up by noon I would drive to Hopkinton and take her in to see Dad. She did not call me back so I am going to assume this means he woke up. Mom said if she wake him up, he gets mad at her.

I woke up again at about 1, feeling a bit out of sorts, but the sharp teeth had become dull. I still feel like I am being chewed, but it's more like being gummed. Tom called again to see if I wanted to do something, we made some tentative plans. I told him I did not want to just sit around and do nothing but watch TV, but if we could actually do something I would be willing. We talked about letting the dogs play together, or going to visit the son of his old coach from Thailand.

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