Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wow I am far behind in posting here.

Sorry life has been full of hard work and major suck all month. Dad has been in and out of the hospital since his triple by-pass surgery in early January. I have been falling behind on my book reviews, movie reviews, general collection of knowledge, laundry and showers.

Well laundry is caught up now, I brought it to my parents house and used their machines. Better yet, when I got home, I put it ALL away. So there is just the empty baskets waiting for dirty laundry at the food of my bed. Wow how cool is that??

So this is the rest. I am going to jump back some and put in some older posts where they belong. I frequently write posts that I copy parts of to fibrowitch that should be mirrored over here. I need a program that allows me to post once to blogger, word press and live journal. Or a couple more hours in the day.

Friday was spent in Hopkinton with the parents. Framingham Union Hospital released Dad on Friday afternoon. I drove him home, and took mom to the store to get his prescriptions. I had dinner there and came back home. T wanted me to head over to his place and hang out, but I did that on Thursday when one of my other siblings took Mom in to see Dad.

Today is my nothing day, I have to do my dishes, think about what I want for supper, but other than that, nothing. I have been doing some reading, catching up on blogs I read, Facebook comments. Had a few ideas for things I would like to know more about. Been doing some research on Xenofictional Literature vs anthropomorphic fictional characters, or even funny animals. Ya my brain works like that sometimes. Once I get the thing figured out I'll post it some where. That is if I can ever get it just the way I want it. Xenofictional fiction would be works like Black Beauty, Watership Down, Charlotte's Web. Next I plan to research examples of Xenofictional fiction in Science Fiction. Not sure if I will find much other than the last book of Enders Game, but I will look all the same.

Still have to finish Walter Hunt A Song in Stone. I used my friendship with Walter at Boskone to ask him questions about the book. He told me he had shown his work, by way of a web page explaining some of the locations in his book. I enjoy the book, but knowing little to nothing about the Knights Templar or having a map to trace the characters journey. Having the web page helps a bit. Having it in the book would have been more helpful.

Oh well, back to my quest for knowledge.

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