Thursday, March 17, 2011

A good day with Mom

Woke up late today, Byron and Purrball had managed to knock the alarm clock off the night stand and break it. I called my Mom and let her know I was running late. She was fine with that, and I took Byron for a quick walk, then hit the highway.

Told Mom about my broken alarm clock and she suggested I take her alarm clock. She and Dad each had their own alarm clocks, and she was going to start using Dad's. So I took her's. We had a great chat about her sister on the ride to the grocery store. I asked her why she thought her sister did that, and she said it was because her sister is jealous of how nice my hair is. She had thought her pulling my hair on Monday (after the funeral) was bad manners, but was to stressed out to say some thing. I asked her to speak to her sister about pulling my hair the next time she talks to her.

Them my Mom asked how Tommy and his Mom were doing, and said the most amazing thing. She said that she thought and thought my Dad would agree, that I need to take special care of Tommy and his Mom. She said "I have four other kids and lots of family, all they have is you." I started to cry while I was driving, that was such a sweet thing to say.

Mom has a good memory too, when we were last at BJ's there was a flier for a Eddie Bauer 30" rolling bag. I opened my purse to see if I still had the flier (which I needed to get the discount) I was bummed that I could not find it. I hate having loose paper in my purse so I must have tossed it out. Well my Mom remembered I some times do that, so she took one of the fliers also and unlike me, kept it in her purse. So I have a really nice we rolling bag, for next to no money!!

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