Sunday, March 20, 2011

I can haz organization

Got a few more books grouped by subject. Started with the Star Trek books, then the Anne & Todd McCaffrey. The Star Trek books as a group, novelizations of episodes, books about Star Trek, and books by or about some one involved in Star Trek take up three shelves. All the Star Trek novelizations by James Blish are all in one place. I think I am going to put the two books I got at Boskone with all his short stories on a shelf close by. Only the very bottom shelf is hidden behind the furniture. Not sure what books are going to go down there.

Got the bedroom good and clean as well. Well not under the bed, but the shelves and racks are picked up. Stuff that needs tops has tops and stuff that needed labeling has labels. Just having a quick snack, some whole wheat toast with Pumpkin butter.

Why yes I am obsessed with Pumpkin flavor. Not sure if it's more the spices or the pumpkin but anything I see labeled Pumpkin flavor I will grab. I do almost the same thing with stuff labeled "Boston Red Sox"

It occurred to me yesterday that both of the men I call when the Red Sox do some thing stupid, or amazingly good have passed away. I think when the season starts on April 1st, I will have to put a note on the television reminding me I can't call either of them. This is going to be so hard.

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