Saturday, March 19, 2011

How far behind have I been

Well since Thursday lets see where have I been. Well maybe if I start with today and go back some.

Today --Sunday - went over to visit Tom and his Mom. We played Michigan Rummy for a few hands. I was thinking if they group might get a kick of apples to apples, or Flux. I am going to try to bring in a few more games people would enjoy. Hung out for a bit and headed over to Target. Where I was pleased to find the other two Skating Sisters So I now have all five new face sculpts. I will post pictures on all the new dolls when I am not quite so tired.

Yesterday - Saturday - I went to the Boston Flower show with koshmom to look at wonderful gardens we could never re-create. But they were fun to look at. I got some pussy willows and nice flowers. I am going to try to force a hyacinths and bleeding heart. Going to see if I can get them to grow. There was a small company based out of Lawrence Ma that makes a very comfortable ballet slipper shoe. The company is Apropos - web page is

So that is back to Friday and a busy day it was. Had to pay the car taxes, another month of car insurance, and get a second look at the front struts. The strut was making a ping noise when it went over bumps. It comes and goes one really loud on then a series so tiny you feel more than hear them.

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