Friday, April 15, 2011

Had a Mom-a-cation

Got up early, about 7 which is early for me. Called Mom, because she needed to go to the Hall of Deeds today. It is in Cambridge, and I'm the one who knows the city well. I took Kosh back to the cliff house for the day. I figured he could crash out with his cat and it would be easier to take my mom here with only one dog in residence.

It took us much less time at the Register of Deeds. When Dad had gone in November he said it took him several hours. We were in and out in under 45 minutes. After that we went over to see T and his mom. He had gone out on an errand, so we just visited for a few minutes. After that I took mom over to see my apartment. We went out to lunch after that, I took her to Mount Vernon and we got the fried whole belly clams and twin lobsters. Our entire meal was only 36 dollars!

After that Mom said she needed to go to B.J. to pick up a few things. She had also collected some coupons for the things I get on a regular basis. The blueberry fruit juice I like so much, the blueberries I like even more. And the cleaning wipes I like, and a giant box of freeze pops . She got a bunch of bananas, and a book. I got juice and wipes and 200 freezer pops! Happy Dance.

Then I stopped to get gas. It cost me 42 dollars to fill up my tank!!!

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