Saturday, April 16, 2011

If it's Friday I must be attending a funeral

Okay 2011 you are just fired! I'm done. Last Friday was a fluke in that no one I knew died. Not so lucky today as on Wednesday night another person in the building passed away. She was very friendly, and had a little dog that loved Byron very much.

Going back to the cliff house in a bit, take care of the mail, check on the cat. Let Kosh hang out in his own house. He ate way way to fast this morning and ended up throwing up his food. So I will feed him again we I get there, and let him wander around outside. He has been enjoying our little walks and gets a bit jealous when Byron gets more attention than he does. But he does not have the experience in sucking up to humans that Byron has. Have to swing by the bank, I got a check from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Unclaimed property division. Not much, just a little over 100 dollars, but hey money is money.

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