Sunday, May 29, 2011

Extreme Couponing and fever

I feel so darn light headed. Every time I stand up its' like gravity got stronger. Spent a good part of the day laying down in front of the air conditioner. Still does not help at all. I have been drinking water all day, no snacking but eating some good food. I have eaten carrots, cucumbers and I am about to eat corn for dinner.

Watched the afternoon Red Sox game, next game starts this evening and I think it's on ESPN, not super sure. So sleepy still, I slept well last night, went to be early, got up right at 9. Flipped on TLC to watch Extreme Couponing, this is not something that would work in Massachusetts since our stores don't double coupons. Found a couple of fun web sites while watching the show Krazy coupon lady and Living rich with coupons

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