Saturday, August 06, 2011

Happy birthday Lucy

Your still loved around the world.

Google has changed it's doodle to celebrate her 100th birthday Lucy doodle

I have most of the I Love Lucy dolls that Mattel made, and some of the clips in the doodle are also dolls in my collection.

Job Switching even has small black beads in her hat and dress to mimic the candy Lucy hid

Then there is the famous grape stomping scene Lucy's Italian Movie

This is another favorite of mine. Lucy gets a Paris Gown In this episode the guys are trying to put one over on the ladies and convince them that a horse blanket and feed bag are the height of Paris fashion. The joke is on them, when a designer sees Lucy and makes the dress high fashion.

I love all the dolls, The famous Lucy does a commercial That's Vita..Meata..Vegamin

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