Friday, August 05, 2011

Hooray math

Felt way more human today than I have been all week. Did a quick check on the bank account made sure it was balanced. Yes I do enjoy balancing my check book on occasion. I realized that there are two outstanding checks that if they clear tonight will leave me with 4 dollars. Well depending of course on what comes into the bank account tomorrow.

I needed some groceries, milk, dog treats, soda just the basics and I figured I could spend about 50 dollars on groceries. I did pretty good at first, figuring out what I could afford. That all changed when I discovered Stop and Shop paper towels were ten rolls for ten dollars! I had to pull a couple of things out of my cart to swing that. I played around a bit more, skipping crackers for now to get a gallon of milk. Tonight will be jello and pudding making night.

When I got to the register I figured out I had enough money to treat my self to some munchies. I got some next day muffins and bread for two dollars each. I added every thing up in my head and came up with 53 dollars, which I could spend because I had brought back some soda bottles and cans. When I got to the register I gave into temptation and got the new issue of People magazine. My total 53.45!

Yes I love math!!!!!!!

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