Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A bit about my day

Had a doctors appointment with my Rheumatology doctor. I have to call my primary care doctor about some of the test results I got. My blood pressure was super high 152/100 when first tested and then 128/94 at the end of the visit. She was also concerned about my balance and falling issues.

After I left the hospital I called a friend to get the address to her husband's book store. She tried to give me directions from Massachusetts Ave, but I told her to just give me the address. Once I plugged the address in my GPS I was off and running. I had asked the store to order me a book that I was unable to find in any book store. Well okay I only go to one book store, and they are sweet enough to order books for me. Thanks guys!

Decided that since I could not find my three hole punch I would swing over to Staples and get a new one. Punches are cheap, this one cost me 8 dollar. I like using the punch so I can keep my medical records and bills in a binder. It helps during tax time when I can just refer to the binders. While I was there I bought a package of pre punched printer paper. I also keep my library list in a three ring binder. Yes I have that many books, but they are not enough I want more!!

State is having another tax free weekend this month. I have been thinking about maybe waiting until then to replace my camera. The screen had a crack in it, but when I fell during the block party the camera hit the tar and it cracked the case. I had to take the card out of the camera to read it! What a bummer I really liked the camera.

Just watched the touching surprise visit to the House of Rep Gabrielle Giffords. Brought tears to my eyes. I hope she runs for reelection next year.

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