Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Social Security is neither Social, or for that matter secure. Mean and cranky they got down!!

It started with my getting a letter on Friday.

I just got a letter from SSD telling me they were doing a review of my disability case. The phone number to call for assistance with the form is "not a working number" The person you are suppose to speak to - By Aug 1 - will be on vacation until Aug 8. __After calling the national number for SSA I got the new phone number for the Chelsea office, which is how I found out that the person I need to speak to (by Aug 1st mind you) is on vacation until Aug 8th. After 15 minutes on hold I spoke to a Mr. Osorio who told me to bring the completed form into him. As for helping me fill it out, that he could not do. Now me, I still have most of my brain matter. After all, I tracked him down. I am worried about the people who are not as stubborn as me, who will just give up when the phone number does not work or they mail it to a person who will not be there by the required day! I guess denying people disability is one way to solve the budget deficit

Today I went into the Chelsea Social Security office to drop off my paperwork. I walked into the office and a security guard immediately waved me out of the office. He made me go into the lobby and tell him why I had a service dog. Not if Byron was a real service dog, but the exact reason I deserved a service dog! I offered to show him Byron's papers, he license and even his rabies vaccination certificate. No, all the guys wanted to know was my medical reason for having the dog. What was "WRONG" with me. I told him he was a total stranger asking me personal medical information, and he was not allowed to do that. He did not care, he was not going to let me into the office until I told him.

I gritted my teeth and said "I have the occasional seizure and he warns me before it happens." I hate hate hate when some one thinks they have the right to ask me personal information. Honestly I think I am going to start asking my questioner some personal questions.

I finally got in and took a number, found a seat and sat down. I had brought one of my neighbors with me (he needed to visit the office as well) We felt so out of place, I think we were one of 5 people in the office speaking English, six if you count Byron. There were a couple of screaming kids, I think they come with the uncomfortable chairs. Two little girls were running around the office and when they saw Byron they were enchanted. One girl came over and let him sniff her so she could pet him. The other girl was afraid and since we did not have a language in common I could not tell her or her parents that Byron was a nice friendly dog. The other girl was giggling and saying Byron's fur tickled her. The other girl stood just a bit away from Byron. He stood up and since his tongue was at the same level of her ear he gave her a quick lick. Suddenly every one in the waiting room had a common language, laughter.

When I got up to the window the woman at the counter was surprised that I had a dog with me. I let her know that he was a service dog and as such would be very well behaved. That was the high light of our conversation.

She let me know that I had left two of the questions blank. The question about hospital visits and education. I told her that since I had not been in the hospital, or a classroom in the last 12 months I had left the pages blank. She told me I needed to write N/A on both pages. Then she closed the window and walked away. Someone else sat down at the window and when it opened I gave her the pages. She told me I needed to take another number (I had already been there for 90 minutes) I got a bit loud and said she either needed to get the other person back, or get a supervisor over there. My douche bag security guard pall started staring at me. Finally she decided to open my file and accept the paper work. What a bitch, it must be a miserable job working at Social Security but don't take it out on me.

This was my horoscope today. I love it!!
- This can be a most memorable day for you because you can get away with being as weird as you want. Your need to do something totally outrageous may reach a point of no return today, provoking you to take sudden action. But rather than being sensitive to other people's needs, maverick Uranus connects with the Sun in your sign, encouraging you to do as you wish. Nevertheless, there is still an unspoken boundary. Don't go too far over the edge now or you'll have to spend time later cleaning up the mess you make.

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