Friday, July 22, 2011

A special note if you are on the North Shore and disabled.

I got a letter this morning from Disability telling me my case was up for review. According to the form, I have until Aug 1st to speak to and meet with a Ms. Kasiecki or my benefits could be ended.

Well I was a bit confused with the information they wanted, and seeing that it is only five business days to Aug 1st, I called. And that is where the cluster F started.

First off, the phone number of the Chelsea office has changed. It is no longer 617-884-3216 which I thought was strange, since that was the phone number on the letterhead. The phone message suggested I try a different number 855-210-2120. Which I did, don't bother calling it, that is the fax number.

So I went on line and got the master 1-800 number 1-800-772-1213. I was on hold for ten minutes before Marie came on and told me the offices new number.

855-210-0121 for the record. The address is still 80 Everett Ave, Chelsea MA 02150

It gets better ---

I called the new phone number and the robo switchboard asked me who I was calling for. I tried saying the name and typing in her extension, but the robo switchboard could not figure out what I wanted. So it put me on hold for 15 long minutes until someone was available to speak to me.

I asked to speak to the alleged Ms. Kasiecki, and was told that she was on vacation for two weeks and would not be back until Aug 8th. Can you see a problem here? Back on hold I went so the person who answered the phone could find out who to transfer the call to. She handed me off, well slowly after another 6 minute hold to a Mr. Osorio, who said he was the supervisor of the a for mentioned Kasiecki. He confirmed she would not be returning to the office until Aug 8th. So I asked him (very calmly through my gritting teeth) what I should do with the form? Could he answer my question? Did he know that the phone number on the form was incorrect?

Guess what gang!!!! He did!!!! Yes he said if I had called the number on the form it would have told me the NEW number for his office. I told him the number the robo switchboard gives for the new number to call is 855-210-2120 which is a fax machine. It took me three tries to get through his head that YES the number on the answering machine was WRONG! So then I asked him why if the person suppose to be doing these reviews is on vacation, and the phone number to call is wrong, why did they even bother to send the letter. His answer, "The letter are printed automatically by this office" - THIS OFFICE - as in the one I was speaking to!! You think they would have at least proof read the letter before it had gone out??? YA THINK!!!!!

So now that I have finished venting, I want to let as many people as possible know if you get a Notice of Continuing Disability Review, the phone number and contact person are both wrong!!

--- Just a little bit more.

One of the local investigative reporters contacted me about the letter. She wanted me to fax her the letter, I tried to but my scanner just gave me a big black spot. So I went down to Staples and faxed it to her. Hey for 1.55 I can do my bit to help others like me.

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