Saturday, July 16, 2011

Readercon day 2

I brought the little laptop with me to Readercon this morning, I powered her up, and got the blue screen of death!!! Never had the time to figure out what went wrong. I will deal with that problem next week.

Spent most of the convention working the Green Room. I love being in the Green Room, it does not involve a lot of moving around, and Byron can usually just curl up in a corner or under the table and sleep. Kind of surprised I took very few pictures of people with Byron today, I guess we were just that busy. He loves seeing the kids come in to pet him. Since he is laying down while I am there I consider him to be not working. In Byron's case he is always working! Even at a 2am when I am asleep he is working to keep me alive!

Went to two panels today, spent just over 8 hours working in the Green Room. I started serving people their hot drinks, because it was the easiest way to find out when we needed more coffee or cups.

Had a couple of hotel staff tell me that the hotel did not allow pets. I was for the most part able to smile and say he was a service dog. Mostly, but by this evening I was getting real tired of it. I was sitting with some friends on the 6th floor and one of the hotel staffers walked down the hallway a good three times before telling me the hotel did not allow pets. I smiled and held my tongue, but said he is a service dog. I think I might have to mention something to the Con Com. After last year they put the service dog notice right in to the hotel contract! But some how the word has not filtered down to the minions. So every time the shift changed I had to have the very same conversation.

I think perhaps I should leave a picture of him with the hotel front desk and ask them to put it by the time clock. That way when they walk down the hall and see Byron they will know he is a SERVICE DOG and not to bother us.

Grabbed a few new books, not fiction, but short humorous essays. A new paper back edited by Bill Fawcett How to loose the Civil War, and a series by John Grant "Discarded Science" "Corrupted Science" and "Bogus Science" I'll read those right after I finish Civil War, which will be in about 30 minutes.

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